Welcome to the Weapons Defense Academy

This is our basic introductory website so that you can get a feel of what it is that we do.  Below you will find a few videos that show what our full member site looks like and how it works as well a a video that shows what we do as compared to what some others do.


The Weapons Defense Academy (WDA) is an online membership website that teaches unarmed defenses against attackers who have weapons. WDA teaches these techniques through more than 300 categorized videos. The user experience transcends that of all of the traditional video teaching that is done via DVD.

At WDA you can easily search the videos you want by category, by a keyword search, or by dragging a weapon and dropping it on a body part of a man. Once you click on a video to view it you can save it to a favorites list or into a user generated and named playlist. You can create as many playlists as you want.  WDA also has a curriculum that will assist you in following a structured lesson plan to aid you in your self defense education. 

Additionally, the WDA founders conduct seminars nationally and internationally.

The video above will show you some of the features of our membership site.

On this site, you will find a small sampling of some of our hundreds of teaching videos.

The video below will show you some of the defense we do, some of the things that others do and why many of those do not work.

It is best to become a full member of the membership site.  You will have access to all our videos and an additional 10 videos will be added per month.  That is about one hour of additional video each month.  Those 10 additional videos per month we sell independently for $37 and you can find some of those video series on this site if you choose not to access the membership site.