2-4 Nine Step Flow

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Nine Step Flow

This Course will revisit all the Basics that you learned in Level 1.  It will then use all of them in a flow so that you become very familiar in how to use them and how to flow from one to the next.  Once you have this flow down you will feel confident doing things you never thought were possible. 

This Course consists of eight individual Lessons that run between four and six minutes. 

The Lessons included are:

I Like to Fight Blind Guys;
Chicken Wing:
Twisted Wrist;
Pistol Grip;
Finger Control;
Inverted Twisted Wrist;
Nine Step Flow.

You Should initially view these Lessons in the order that they are presented because that is the way that they are used in the flow. When you are going through the flow start softly and slowly until you get the pattern and the flow.  Then try a few times putting pain on during the transitions so that your partner cannot escape during the transitions.  Then again go back through the flow a softly and quickly as you can.  It will soon become second nature. 

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