3-4 Threatening With a Club

Threatening With a Club

This course will start to get you really comfortable in handling attackers who have clubs. This Course will really show you how important it is to take away space and take away face.  The last thing you want to do when somebody comes after you with a club is to back off.  It seems counterintuitive but actually it works much better if you close the gap.  As in all of the other Courses it is really important not to muscle your opponent and fight and struggle with him.  All you have to do is learn the techniques and figure out how to fight smart not hard.  You already went through that Lesson.  Apply that in all you do.  Have fun and take it easy with the club especially if you are working around your training partner’s face.  You break his teeth, you pay the dentist!

This Course consists of eight individual Lessons that run between four and six minutes. 

The Lessons included are:

Strong Yell;
Gooseneck With One Hand;
Escape From Gooseneck V2;
On Shoulder Grab and Strike;
On Shoulder Rotate and Spin;
Threatening to Face;
Threatening at 45 Degrees;
Threatening at 90 Degrees.

It is important that you initially view these Lessons in the order that they are presented because as we try to present them from easier to more difficult.  Many times the preceding Lessons will assist you in flowing better in the subsequent lessons.

Afterwards, you may want to review the Lessons where you think that you will need more studying.  This is common. Two or three views will be ok, but many, many views will etch the processes in your mind.

Each Lesson you study will add to your knowledge-base and will be able to be used by you in everything you do in your defenses against attackers whether they are armed or unarmed. You will definitely see your skillset improve rapidly.

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