3-3 More Knife Across The Throat

More Knife Across the Throat

This Course will take you to the next level of defenses against a mugger putting a knife across your throat.  At this point, you should be fairly comfortable with handling knife defenses and handling knives generally.  We have numerous defenses for knives across the throat, knives pointed to the stomach, and weapons coming at you in all different manners.  Now you will be able to take what you have learned and start to be comfortable experimenting with some of your self created techniques.  We are trying to give you the tools and the building blocks to enable you to defend yourself with unconcious competence.  That is defending yourself without thinking about what you have to do.  It will become automatic.  The more different techniques you have in your tool chest the easier it will be for you to react to a bad situation.  Have fun with these new ones.

This Course consists of eight individual Lessons that run between four and six minutes. 

The Lessons included are:

Street Not Sport;
Back To Front;
Escape From Gooseneck V1;
Bully Grab Gooseneck V1;
Knife Across the Throat Hand on Shoulder;
Knife Across the Throat Left Hand Pulling Neck In;
Knife Across the Throat Left Hand Quick Strip;
Knife Across the Throat Left Hand to Armbar.

It is important that you initially view these Lessons in the order that they are presented because as we try to present them from easier to more difficult.  Many times the preceding Lessons will assist you in flowing better in the subsequent lessons.

Afterwards, you may want to review the Lessons where you think that you will need more studying.  This is common. Two or three views will be ok, but many, many views will etch the processes in your mind.

Each Lesson you study will add to your knowledge-base and will be able to be used by you in everything you do in your defenses against attackers whether they are armed or unarmed. You will definitely see your skillset improve rapidly.

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