2-3 Three More Knives: A Bit More Advanced

Three More Knives – A Bit More Advanced

This Course will try to leave the Basics behind and start to introduce you to quicker and easier ways to disarm your attacker.  Even though some of them are quick strips, you still want to practice them slowly and softly and incrementally increase your speed and strength.  Speed, fulcrums, and levers will disarm your attacker easily.  Muscling him will only get you in trouble.  And remember, with a fulcrum and a lever you can manipulate your attacker easily.

This Course consists of eight individual Lessons that run between four and six minutes. 

The Lessons included are:

You’ll Say Wow;
Practice Makes Permanent;
Knee and Elbow Position:
Escape from Twisted Wrist;
Two-Hand Choke Gooseneck One Hand;
Knife Across the Throat Quick Strip;
Knife to Stomach Counterclockwise Quick Strip;
Knife to Side of Neck One Hand on Shoulder V1.

It is important that you initially view these Lessons in the order that they are presented because as we try to present them from easier to more difficult.  Many times the preceding Lessons will assist you in flowing better in the subsequent lessons.

Afterwards, you may want to review the Lessons where you think that you will need more studying.  This is common. Two or three views will be ok, but many, many views will etch the processes in your mind.

Each Lesson you study will add to your knowledge-base and will be able to be used by you in everything you do in your defenses against attackers whether they are armed or unarmed. You will definitely see your skillset improve rapidly.

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