Basics – Knife to the Side of the Neck

This Course will teach you how to defend yourself against the mugger who is threatening you by holding a knife to the side of your neck.

This Course consists of ten individual segments that run between four and six minutes. 

The segments included are:

React, Distract, Control, Disarm;
Probability of Success;
Twisted Wrist:
Chicken Wing;
Two Hand Choke – Twisted Wrist;
Double Wrist Grab – Two Hand Twisted Wrist;
Knife to the Side of Neck Basic Twisted Wrist;
Exercises – Knife to the Side of the Neck
Knife to the Side of the Neck – Twisted Wrist to the Front
Knife to the Side of Neck Back to His Neck.

It is important that you initially view these segments in the order that they are presented because they will lead you into a natural progression of learning how to take away a knife when it is placed to the side of your neck.

Afterwards, you may want to review the segments where you think that you will need more studying.  This is common. Two or three views will be ok, but many, many views will etch the techniques in your mind.

Each segment you study will add to your knowledge-base and will be able to be used by you in everything you do in your defenses against attackers whether they are armed or unarmed. You will definitely see your skill set improve rapidly.

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